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Wallpaper concrete lookWallpaper concrete look

Displayed wallpaper: Weathered concrete

Concrete look photo wallpaper. In high resolution

Concrete look wallpaper provides a stylish, sleek, and robust appearance. All Wallexclusive photos are unique and specially made to make wallpaper. The images of concrete are razor sharp. Every detail is visible. We took the pictures with a 100+ megapixel camera, a high-end resolution which creates unique images. The result is magnificent. All structures and details are visible, which results in realistic concrete wallpaper.

Concrete wallpaper for an industrial living style

Concrete is typical of the 'industrial' living style. With detailed look photo wallpaper, you have the atmosphere of concrete, but not the dust of untreated concrete. Concrete is beautiful to combine with fabrics, wood, leather, and metal. Concrete look photo wallpaper has a matt look and is a real eye-catcher in your home. Take a look at our unique collection of concrete wallpaper, take a look at the rooms with examples, and zoom in on the details. You can easily order in 3 steps.

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✅ Best quality concrete look wallpaper;

✅ Custom made

✅ Unique Collection;

✅ Environmentally friendly wallpaper;

✅ Shipped within 24 hours;

✅ Customer review: 9,5!

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